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Tradeair TOOS1769 High Pressure Spray Gun


Tradeair TOOS1769 High Pressure Spray Gun
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Power tools - Air tools and accessories

air inlet size
6.35  mm
Feature and Benefits
• Feed type: Pressure.
• Standard nozzle: 1.3mm.
• Optional nozzle: 1.2mm.
• Average air consumption: 3CFM / 85L/min.
• Cup Capacity: 0,8L.
• Recommended Air Pressure: 10 -40PSI.  
warranty and guarantee exceptions
Void if there is obvious misuse  
Health and Safety
Wear appropriate safety clothing.  
Never point the tool at people or yourself. This tool is not intended to be used by people (children included) with reduced physical sensory or mental capabilities or persons lacking experience or knowledge unless they were able to benefit from a person responsible for their safety monitoring or screening instructions regarding the use of the device. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the tool. To prevent eye injuries always wear safety glasses with permanently attached rigid hard plastic side shields. Be sure everyone in your work area is wearing the same type of safety glasses. Wear and do wear individual ear protection close to the tool use. Wear any other necessary protection equipment such as gloves and adapted working clothes. tie back your hair and do not wear loose clothing. Never use oxygen carbon dioxide or any other bottled gas as a power source for this tool. the tool could explode and serious personal injury could result. Use only lubricated water-free compressed air at the recommended pressure. tools shall not be connected to pressure which potentially exceeds recommended operating pressure by 10%. the tool and air supply hose must have a connecting nipple such that all pressure is removed from the tool when the coupling joint is disconnected. When using compressed air always follow the safety codes of practice laid out by the compressor manufacturer. Ensure all air couplings are secure and tight.  
Store in cool dry conditions.  

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